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I am Amazingly Amazed by how Amazing I am. Come F with me.


If you go to Jannah and you don’t find me there, ask Allah to grant me Jannah. That is all I ask of you.

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الله، أنا تعبت من فقدان
أدعو لك بإرسال ملاكا أسفل
ليأتي ويغير مجرى حياتي حول

Allah, I am tired of losing,
I pray you send an angel down,
To come and change my life around.

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“At the end of the day, It’s beautiful and truly gratifying to know that you’ve left far more footprints of love and goodness, than the instances of falling for what seems to be a constant invitation to do otherwise.”

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“There truly is no relationship, of any kind, that is more beneficial and more beautiful than that which reminds of you of God.”

Nadir Keval (via to-salsabeel)

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